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what is Energy Choice?

 Energy Choice is a consumer focused program. Due to energy deregulation in most States, you the consumer now have the option to lower your energy bills due to increased competition.  By choosing your supplier you now have a CHOICE in your price while you remain a loyal customer to your current utility provider.  Most of our clients choose lower FIXED pricing that removes the default higher variable rate that causes volatility in their monthly energy bills.

What is the difference between a utility and a supplier?

 In areas where competition is allowed, the utility is primarily responsible for maintaining and repairing the infrastructure, delivering electricity and natural gas to consumers, and ensuring reliability. A supplier, on the other hand, supplies the commodity to the utility to deliver to the end use consumer. 

About Us

Founded by industry professionals who understand the frustration businesses experience when shopping and or purchasing their electric or natural gas. 

We are here to help

Whether you are a small business owner who is new to understanding the benefits of energy choice, or you are a CFO whom has been involved in  energy procurement for hundreds of locations.

No cost programs.

There are no fees our services.

We will analyze all of your utility accounts and determine which accounts are eligible for savings. Then our team will obtain competitive pricing from all of the licensed suppliers to your utility and present the BEST offers as well as a savings proposal.

energy choice benefits


  • Reduced Rates
  • Price Protection
  • Avoid Rate increases for the entire term!


  • Remain a valued customer of you utility
  • Same Bill from utility
  • Just reduced supply costs!


  • Renewal options
  • Projected Annual Savings
  • Personal Account Management

some of our Results

Bluffton , IN

New Enrollment

83,000 therms annually

$ 26,000 saved on Natural Gas Supply Cost over 2 years

Columbia City, IN


40,000 therms annualy

$ 88,000 saved on Natural Gas Supply Cost over 2 year term

Nanuet, NY


1,850,000 kwhs annually

$ 19,800 saved on Electric Supply Cost over 2 year term

Markel, IN

New Enrollment

18,000 therms annually

$5,200 saved over 1 year term on Natural Gas Supply cost

New Enrollments

Ready to save?

After you secure your rate,  you will see the updated pricing on the NEXT billing cycle. 

That's right, Same bill next month-just at your new competitive rate.

Currently Enrolled in CHOICE?

No Problem!

We will obtain forward start pricing to start when your current term ends. 

If your term is a few years out, just send us an email and request an appointment for a later date. 

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